Fed up, and rightly so

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The fa­tigue that Greek busi­nesses and in­di­vid­u­als are feel­ing as a re­sult of the im­mense tax bur­den that has been placed on their shoul­ders in re­cent years is clearly vis­i­ble. Ev­ery­one is feel­ing it down to their very bones. The gov­ern­ment, though, is not in­ter­ested in this devel­op­ment be­cause it be­lieves that it is not rel­e­vant to its vot­ers and the pa­tron­client re­la­tion­ship it has de­vel­oped with some Greeks. How­ever, the Greeks who are pro­duc­tive and work hard can­not take this sit­u­a­tion any longer. They are en­raged by the ap­point­ments to the pub­lic ad­min­is­tra­tion as well as what they see in gov­ern­ment ex­pen­di­ture. Th­ese trends have con­tin­ued in the pub­lic sec­tor with­out even a hint of mer­i­toc­racy hav­ing been in­tro­duced to the gov­ern­ment’s prac­tices. As a re­sult of all this, many be­lieve that all their toil and sweat is a waste of time be­cause what­ever they earn ends up in a black hole. They are com­pletely jus­ti­fied in feel­ing this way.

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