Santorini Traveler - - GREEK FESTIVAL - by Euripi­des

Orestes was first pre­sented in 408 B.C. A few days af­ter killing his mother, Orestes is be­ing re­lent­lessly pur­sued by the Furies. Elec­tra and the ill Orestes are faced with the wrath of Ar­gos’ citizens, who wish to sen­tence the sib­lings to death. Menelaus, ar­riv­ing from Ar­gos to­gether with He­len, is their only hope. Even though Menelaus prom­ises to help Orestes, he de­cides against it af­ter hav­ing a talk with his grand­fa­ther, Tyn­dareus. Orestes de­fends him­self be­fore the Ec­cle­sia, the pop­u­lar assem­bly, with his loyal friend, Py­lades, by his side. How­ever, he fails to change the ver­dict. Orestes, Elec­tra, and Py­lades de­cide to take re­venge against Menelaus, plan­ning to mur­der his wife, He­len, abduct his daugh­ter, Hermione, and set his palace on fire. With English sur­titles

Na­tional Theatre of North­ern Greece - Yan­nis Anas­tasakis

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