Bush Lot fam­ily robbed in home in­va­sion

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Three armed ban­dits pounced on a Bush Lot Farm, Coren­tyne fam­ily yes­ter­day morn­ing and stole more than $600,000 in US and lo­cal cur­ren­cies, as well as a quan­tity of jew­ellery.

Kowsilla Fredrick, 39, of Lot 51 Bush Lot Farm, Coren­tyne, who re­sides with her two broth­ers, Devin­dra Fredrick, 39 and Kesh­war Fredrick, 44, as well as with her niece, aged nine, told Sun­day Stabroek that the men in­vaded her home around 2.45 am.

She re­lated that she was up­stairs when her brother, Devin­dra, alerted her that he had heard a sound com­ing from out­side. “He tell me put on the light but I heard some­one bang­ing on the win­dow down­stairs and then they come in and point the gun on me,” she stated.

She ex­plained that three men, one armed with a gun, an­other with a cut­lass and the other with a knife, en­tered her house and told her to go into the liv­ing room, where they then de­manded cash and jew­ellery from her.

“At that time, me had $10,000 in me bag so I give it to them and them didn’t want that; they throw the bag away [and said] that them want more”, the woman re­lated.

She said they then or­dered Devin­dra out of his room and dealt him sev­eral lashes to his back, while de­mand­ing cash.

The woman noted that the men then turned to her and dealt her a lash to her back. One of the per­pe­tra­tors then placed the gun on her nine-year-old niece and de­manded that the fam­ily hand over all of the cash they had at home.

“Then I go in and what­ever I have I gave them,” she said.

The men carted off US$2,400, $150,000 in lo­cal cur­rency, a quan­tity of jew­ellery, a brand new power saw, worth US$100 and sev­eral other items.

She noted that the men, who were all masked, spent ap­prox­i­mately 10 min­utes in the house.

“This story na look real”

With re­gard to the in­ves­ti­ga­tion, the fam­ily is dis­sat­is­fied with the way in which the po­lice have been han­dling the mat­ter. Ac­cord­ing to Kowsilla, the po­lice ap­peared skep­ti­cal about their re­count of the events, and at one point, a rank out­right called her niece a liar.

The woman noted that the po­lice be­haved quite harshly to­ward her niece when they ar­rived on the scene. The girl, while be­ing ques­tioned by a fe­male rank, re­port­edly be­gan to cry.

“She was harsh with her, she tell her, “you telling lies and can’t be like this,”” the an­noyed woman noted.

The fam­ily also re­lated that the po­lice left and re­turned a sec­ond time to carry out a search on their house yes­ter­day morn­ing.

“They carry my brother up­stairs and search we bar­rel and some pants were on the line; them search it all,” she said.

How­ever, the po­lice did not in­form the fam­ily of the pur­pose of the search, which has left them puz­zled.

“Me ask them why them search and them na talk and them say this story na look real,” the woman said a “plain clothes” fe­male rank re­port­edly stated.

Ad­di­tion­ally, Kowsilla re­lated that the fe­male rank be­gan to ques­tion her as to why she had such a large amount of cash in her pos­ses­sion.

She re­called that she told the rank that her fam­ily from over­seas had sent the money to pur­chase a ticket for her to travel. She fur­ther noted that po­lice re­quested to see re­ceipts from the trans­ac­tion, and after search­ing, she found two re­ceipts and gave it to them.

There have not yet been any ar­rests and po­lice are re­port­edly con­tin­u­ing the in­ves­ti­ga­tion.

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