Gun­men grab $1M in cash dur­ing Num­ber 65 beer gar­den raid

-al­most two dozen robbed dur­ing at­tack

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Five gun­men stormed a Num­ber 65 Vil­lage, Coren­tyne beer gar­den on Sun­day evening and carted off a to­tal of $1 mil­lion in cash.

Over 20 peo­ple were present in the beer gar­den when the five men, who were re­port­edly armed with high-pow­ered weapons and wore masks and cam­ou­flage cloth­ing, in­vaded the shop.

Stabroek News was told that the ban­dits or­dered all of the per­sons in the beer gar­den to lay on the ground and then emp­tied their pock­ets.

One of the vic­tims told this news­pa­per that the gun­men also carted away all of the cash that was present on the dif­fer­ent ta­bles where the pa­trons had been play­ing cards.

Krisendatt Hem­nauth, 60, who op­er­ates the beer gar­den at Lot 11 A Num­ber 65 Vil­lage, said the at­tack oc­curred around 7.30 pm. He ex­plained that there is a gate at the back that he would se­cure at a cer­tain time but he said he did not do so. “… It had some peo­ple in front here. As soon as them lef, all of a sud­den me see four men at the gate and them push through the gun through the grill and say

‘Ev­ery­body on them belly’ and them walk in and pump a shot in the air and ev­ery­body gone down on the ground,” he re­lated.

“Them get AK-47 and shot­gun. All five had guns,” he said. “Four of them come in first and one was watch­ing out and then he come in,” he fur­ther noted.

Hem­nauth stated that the sec­ond per­pe­tra­tor who en­tered the build­ing walked straight to where he was stand­ing and dealt him a blow with a gun to his head. “I turn around back and he knock me again same place and say, ‘You like see face na?’” he added.

“Them rob ev­ery­body, run through them pocket, gone with phones and them money on the ta­ble,” he said.

Hem­nauth’s 21-year-old son was also present in the shop and he suf­fered two “kicks” from one of the per­pe­tra­tors, leav­ing the own­ers with the be­lief that one of the ban­dits may be known to them. “Me and he alone get licks, them know ex­actly that he (is) me son,” the man said.

Lutch­man (only name), a con­trac­tor from Skel­don who was present dur­ing the rob­bery, said, “We were play­ing games and drink­ing when all of a sud­den the guys come and I thought was po­lice and then they fire a shot up in the air and say ev­ery­body on the ground.” He said that he had some $45,000 on the ta­ble. “I had money in my pocket but they didn’t check. I’m the only per­son they didn’t check and the other guy that them sus­pect,” he added.

The man re­lated that the or­deal lasted for some 10 min­utes and the ban­dits didn’t say much to each other or the pa­trons ei­ther.

Ac­cord­ing to Hem­nauth, the ban­dits also stole $30,000 from him and over $100,000 from his son. He said, the men also searched the apart­ment ad­join­ing the shop but af­ter they did not find much, they made good their es­cape.

The ban­dits re­port­edly ran across the road into the back­dam. How­ever, a res­i­dent of the area sus­pects that the men later ran through his chicken pen and then to the pub­lic road, where they may have had their trans­porta­tion wait­ing.

Mean­while, Hem­nauth sus­pects that a cus­tomer, who re­sides a few vil­lages away and was present dur­ing the rob­bery, may have had a hand in it. “He run and push way one man gun and them na do he [noth­ing] and ev­ery­body did deh on the ground flat and only he stand up. Then when he left, one car just stop and col­lect he, he na stop none car,” he said. “In the cam­era, all you see­ing ev­ery­body deh flat and them man get them AK and na do he noth­ing, them na even touch he,” he added.

Ac­cord­ing to Hem­nauth, the cus­tomer vis­ited his shop some two weeks ago then re­turned on Sun­day evening.

Hem­nauth fur­ther stated that such at­tacks are bad for busi­ness. “Peo­ple will be scared to come here now. I took a loan to as­sist me with build­ing this place and I’m sell­ing to pay that loan, this will af­fect me,” he noted.

Po­lice have launched an in­ves­ti­ga­tion. Up to press time yes­ter­day, no one had been ar­rested, although a num­ber of per­sons were ques­tioned.

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