Amaz­ing beauty reme­dies for split ends, with­out get­ting a hair­cut!

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is a dreaded sight to see our hair with split ends. How much do we hate to see our hair tear­ing apart mak­ing it look ex­tremely brit­tle and weak! Be­cause we don’t have a lot of op­tions, so we head to the salon to give those beau­ti­ful tresses a hair­cut. Heart-break­ing isn’t it?

Our hair has to com­bat with so many prob­lems every sin­gle day in­clud­ing sun dam­age, heat, dust, pol­lu­tion, chem­i­cals and what not. Split ends are one of the most com­mon prob­lems that we face. They are the re­sult of fray­ing of hair due to the above men­tioned rea­sons. But what if we do not have to get a hair cut to get rid of split ends? Well then, take notes as we jot down some amaz­ing home reme­dies to pre­vent split ends and the good news is you can find them eas­ily avail­able at home.

Causes of Split End

* - Ex­po­sure of hair to ex­ces­sive heat, dust and pol­lu­tion

* - Over-wash­ing your tresses

* - Ex­ces­sive use of hair-styling prod­ucts like straight­en­ers, curlers and chem­i­cal prod­ucts like serums, sprays and dry sham­poos

* - Ir­reg­u­lar oil­ing of hair

* - Wash­ing your hair with hot water

* - Not get­ting your hair trimmed reg­u­larly

* - Chem­i­cal treat­ments in­clud­ing perming and hair col­or­ing

* - Ex­po­sure to hard water in­clud­ing chlo­ri­nated swim­ming pools

Beauty Reme­dies for Split Ends?

1. Egg Yolk

Us­ing egg as a hair mask is one of the best and most ef­fec­tive reme­dies of all time. Eggs help cure your frizzy hair and give them a health­ier shine. The egg yolk is the pro­tag­o­nist here. It has an ad­e­quate amount of pro­tein that strength­ens the strands of your hair and pre­vents any split ends. Egg also works as a mois­turiser and con­di­tioner for your hair.

How to Ap­ply

It is al­ways better to team up the egg yolk with other in­gre­di­ents to get re­mark­able re­sults. One of the reme­dies is to mix egg yolk with two ta­ble­spoon each of olive oil, almond oil and honey. Ap­ply this egg mask and keep it for about 30-45 min­utes be­fore wash­ing it off with luke­warm water.

2. Beer

Ap­ply­ing beer is as good as drink­ing it. It sup­plies sugar and pro­tein to your dam­aged hair fol­li­cles, thereby con­trol­ling split ends. It also helps in adding vol­ume to your hair, apart from work­ing as an amaz­ing con­di­tioner.

How to Ap­ply

Make sure you use flat beer on your hair. Beer with fizz may dam­age your hair. After sham­poo­ing your hair, just wash your hair with beer and keep it for 2-3 min­utes be­fore wash­ing it off.

3. Honey

Honey has al­ways been a healer, work­ing won­ders for main­tain­ing a healthy body, hair or skin. Honey has humec­tant, which pre­vents loss of mois­ture, thus res­cu­ing you from get­ting a dry scalp. Con­se­quently, it will also pre­vent split ends as it strength­ens the hair fol­li­cles. It also helps in keep your hair scalp clean due to its anti-bac­te­rial prop­er­ties.

How to Ap­ply?

Us­ing only honey and water can make your hair sticky and messy. A better way is to pre­pare a hair mask con­sist­ing of honey mixed with curd, olive oil and egg yolk (op­tional). Ap­ply this mix­ture on your hair, in­clud­ing the scalp, and keep it for around 20-25 min­utes be­fore wash­ing it off.

4. Black Lentils (Dal)

Sur­prised, aren’t you? Yes, black lentils are a won­der­ful source of pro­teins, iron, folic acid, phos­pho­rus and fiber, among others. Folic acid is re­spon­si­ble for trans­port­ing oxy­gen from the blood to your hair fol­li­cles, thus im­prov­ing the qual­ity of your hair. You can ap­ply and off course in­clude a lot of it in your diet.

How to Ap­ply

Make a coarse pow­der of half a cup of black lentils and one ta­ble­spoon of fenu­greek seeds and blend it with half a cup of curd. Ap­ply this thick paste on your hair and keep it for at least an hour be­fore wash­ing it off with a mild sham­poo.

5. Ripe Pa­paya

Pa­paya also con­sists of folic acid. Folic acid helps in im­prov­ing the blood cir­cu­la­tion in your scalp and hair. It also has vi­ta­min A that en­hances the pro­duc­tion of se­bum, which is nat­u­ral oil present in the body. Pa­paya helps in keep your scalp and hair fol­li­cles mois­turised, pro­mot­ing hair growth and pre­vent­ing spit ends and frizzy hair.

How to Ap­ply

All you need is to blend a raw pa­paya and yo­ghurt to make a thick paste. Ap­ply it on your hair and wait for 30-45 min­utes. Fi­nally, wash it off us­ing cold water.

6. Co­conut Oil

This is the most com­mon, age-old recipe to pre­vent split ends. It helps in smoothen­ing your hair and re­move the dirt present on the scalp. It clearly com­bats all hair prob­lems in­clud­ing split ends, dull­ness and hair fall.

How to Ap­ply?

With­out any ad­di­tions, you just need to mas­sage your hair and hair scalp with warm co­conut oil and keep it for about 1-2 hours and wash it with tap water.

7. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera has al­ways proved to be an ex­cel­lent cure for dam­aged hair and split ends. It con­sists of pro­te­olytic en­zymes that dig out dead cells on the scalp, fur­ther let­ting your hair grow. It has an­timi­cro­bial and anti-in­flam­ma­tory prop­er­ties that keep your scalp cool and away from dirt, fur­ther pro­mot­ing a healthy hair growth.

How to Ap­ply?

All you need to do is to ex­tract the gel out of 2-3 aloe vera leaves and ap­ply it on your hair. It may be sticky and messy but worth it. Keep the gel for about 30-40 min­utes and rinse it off. You can ap­ply a mild sham­poo after the ap­pli­ca­tion of gel.

So now you don’t have to worry about get­ting a hair­cut due to dreaded split ends. Trust these beauty reme­dies to be amaz­ing and with reg­u­lar use, you can eas­ily get rid of your hair woes.

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