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he was among those who stud­ied and pro­nounced on the poverty rate in Guyana. Like Burn­ham and true to his vow, Granger is de­ter­mined to keep rice farm­ers as poor, im­pov­er­ished peo­ple. It is a vile po­lit­i­cal act catal­ysed by two re­pug­nant rea­sons – pun­ish­ing rice farm­ers for their con­tin­ued strong sup­port of the PPP and be­cause Granger des­per­ately wants to be Burn­ham. It is un­fath­omable and id­i­otic that Granger would want to re­peat the fail­ures of Burn­ham. But stu­pid­ity is not as of­fen­sive to Granger as the pos­si­bil­ity that he can­not repli­cate Burn­ham.

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