Bet­ween the jour­ney and the des­ti­na­tion


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“It’s the jour­ney, not the des­ti­na­tion that counts,” su­rely you may ha­ve heard this fa­mous ph­ra­se on­ce be­fo­re, which ori­gi­na­tes from Ka­va­fis’s poem, Jour­ney to Ithaca. Me­tap­ho­ri­cally speaking this re­fers to tho­se who ha­ve ever reached a tar­get too quickly and thus ha­ve reali­zed it is pointless un­less you con­si­der ot­her ob­jec­ti­ves and en­joy or learn from the jour­ney. Dear tra­ve­ler, you can in­deed en­joy both in any des­ti­na­tion th­roug­hout Hon­du­ras and the world. The trip is just part of that ex­ci­ting fee­ling that in­vol­ves reaching a des­ti­na­tion. In Hon­du­ras, the beau­ti­ful sce­nery by land, sea or air, com­po­sed of dif­fe­rent spe­cies of wild­li­fe and com­mu­ni­ties, of­fer a re­fres­hing sight to behold (and re­mem­ber). The craft sto­res, fruit stands and gro­cery shops can be en­ri­ching to stran­gers pas­sing th­rough. In rou­te, an in­ter­es­ting dis­cus­sion can al­so lead to si­tua­tions (or su­rroun­dings) that you can en­vi­sion du­ring such con­ver­sa­tions. On­ce you reach your des­ti­na­tion, the si­tua­tion may per­haps be­co­me a little mo­re in­ten­se, as you explore all its at­trac­tions first­hand that we­re des­cri­bed be­fo­re. And this is when the jour­ney leads you to new sights and tea­ches you about the lo­cal cul­tu­re. As usual this gui­de in­clu­des mul­ti­ple des­ti­na­tions, at­trac­tions, cuisine and of cour­se ho­tel op­tions. Be su­re to di­ve in­to this new edi­tion of Hon­du­ras Tips, it is a sam­ple of the wi­de ran­ge of op­tions of­fe­red by its host na­tion, Hon­du­ras. Wel­co­me!

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