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Es­ta pla­za tí­pi­ca es vi­si­ta­da por sam­pe­dra­nos y tu­rís­tas dia­ria­men­te, en bus­ca de de­li­cio­sos pla­ti­llos y vis­to­sas ar­te­sa­nías. Hay mas de 20 pues­tos de co­mi­da y la ma­yo­ría se cen­tran en pla­tos re­gio­na­les de lu­ga­res co­mo Olan­cho, Co­lón, Yo­ro, Cor­tés, Atlán­ti­da, Co­pán, La­go de Yo­joa, por men­cio­nar al­gu­nos. La Pla­za ca­re­ce de pa­re­des por lo que el ai­re re­fres­ca por to­dos la­dos a pe­sar del sol. A un la­do del cen­tro de co­mi­das es­tán va­rios pues­tos de ma­nua­li­da­des y ar­te­sa­nías. En­con­tra­rá sou­ve­nirs pro­ve­nien­tes de mu­chos lu­ga­res del in­te­rior y las cos­tas de Hon­du­ras. re­gio­nal dis­hes from pla­ces li­ke Olan­cho, Co­lón, Yo­ro, Cor­tés, Atlán­ti­da, Co­pán, Yo­joa La­ke, to na­me a few. The pla­za lacks walls so that the coo­ling bree­ze en­ters from all si­des. Be­si­de the food stalls, se­ve­ral crafts­men sell their art. You will find sou­ve­nirs from many pla­ces of Hon­du­ras. In one of the ol­dest neigh­bor­hoods in San Pedro Su­la, wooden, ado­be and brick hou­ses ta­ke you back to the ti­mes of strong in­fluen­ce of the ba­na­na com­pa­nies in the re­gion, and in the midd­le of it all, the mar­ket built in the early 70’s main­tains its dy­na­mic ar­chi­tec­tu­ral de­sign. It is un­doub­tedly one of the most re­pre­sen­ta­ti­ve tou­rist si­tes of the city. Along with flo­wers and food, the mar­ket has an ex­traor­di­nary ran­ge of wood, clay, and na­tu­ral tex­ti­le crafts for tou­rists that vi­sit the Crafts Pa­vi­lion daily.

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