Hon­du­ras: The aro­ma of cof­fee


Honduras Tips - - RUTA DEL CAFÉ - Juan Or­lan­do Her­nán­dez Pre­si­dent of Hon­du­ras

We al­ready knew that this land was unique, it has gi­ven birth to over 8 mi­llion Hon­du­rans who crea­te new rea­sons to ma­ke us feel proud every day in or­der to allow the world to see how Hon­du­ras pro­gres­ses, de­ve­lops, grows, thus de­mons­tra­ting its grea­test as­set is the peo­ple. Hon­du­ras has now cea­sed to be a se­cret, the world has re­cei­ved us with open arms and one of the pro­ducts this land has to of­fer that ma­ke us feel proud to be Hon­du­ran is the cof­fee, it has ope­ned mo­re doors due to its ex­ce­llent qua­lity. The Hon­du­ran cof­fee rou­te is a world-class at­trac­tion that not only in­vi­tes you to sam­ple the fla­vors of this na­tion; but will al­so ma­ke you want to ta­ke a bit of our country with you in your heart and not to men­tion a bag of Hon­du­ran cof­fee to help you re­mem­ber this un­for­get­ta­ble ex­pe­rien­ce. In the wes­tern re­gion, the ex­qui­si­te­ness of a unique cof­fee blends with the Ma­ya si­te of Co­pan near the beau­ti­ful and an­cient de­part­ment of Lem­pi­ra; in the cen­tral area you ab­so­lu­tely must vi­sit Si­gua­te­pe­que and the mys­ti­cal and co­lo­nial de­part­ment of Co­ma­ya­gua; not to men­tion Tegucigalpa and Mar­ca­la, ho­me to re­mar­ka­ble cof­fee.

Be­yond the si­tes whe­re this aro­ma­tic grain is grown, a tour of Hon­du­ras al­so ta­ke us to the beau­ti­ful bea­ches of La Cei­ba in the Ca­rib­bean or the en­chan­ting Bay Is­lands that pos­ses­ses one of the most beau­ti­ful co­ral re­efs in the world.

I in­vi­te you to com­ple­ment your vi­sit to this country by wat­ching sun­sets of Ama­pa­la in the Gulf of Fon­se­ca. I’m cer­tain that the mo­re fa­mi­liar you be­co­me with Hon­du­ras, the mo­re you will want to re­turn. Hon­du­ras has so much to of­fer!

I emp­ha­si­ze that Hon­du­rans are proud, hard-wor­king peo­ple that are ea­ger to mo­ve forward, but are al­so a prime exam­ple of im­pro­ve­ment and de­ve­lop­ment. We are land and sea, we boast the aro­ma of cof­fee, we are con­nec­ted, we are heart, we are Hon­du­ras and we wel­co­me you!

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