Sa­vor the aro­ma of the Cof­fee Rou­te

Honduras Tips - - RUTA DEL CAFÉ - * EMI­LIO SIL­VES­TRI Exe­cu­ti­ve Di­rec­tor of the Hon­du­ran Ins­ti­tu­te of Tou­rism

Gree­tings to all:

The­re are se­ve­ral rea­sons for Hon­du­rans to feel proud of their country such as its lush, na­tu­ral beauty, the fer­ti­le land and pro­ducts of ex­traor­di­nary qua­lity that ha­ve found a pla­ce of ho­nor on an in­ter­na­tio­nal scale.

Hon­du­ras is the lar­gest ex­por­ter of cof­fee within Cen­tral Ame­ri­ca, the third within La­tin Ame­ri­ca and sixth glo­bally, thanks to its fi­ne qua­lity, tas­te and aro­ma.

Ac­cor­ding to the Cen­tral Bank of Hon­du­ras, cof­fee ranks third in ge­ne­ra­ting fo­reign ex­chan­ge on a na­tio­nal scale, fo­llo­wed by the tou­rism sec­tor in fourth pla­ce. The afo­re­men­tio­ned brings to mind the sy­nergy that exists bet­ween cof­fee and tou­rism. Cof­fee has allo­wed us to en­ter the ho­mes of Eu­ro­peans, Asians and Ame­ri­cans and th­rough tou­rism get them to vi­sit our country, explore the ho­mes and li­festy­le of our cof­fee gro­wers who with ent­hu­siasm and energy cul­ti­va­te the land so that the world can sa­vor the ex­ce­llen­ce of Hon­du­ran cof­fee and the de­li­cious and dis­tin­cti­ve fla­vors that our country has to of­fer.

The com­ple­men­tary re­la­tions­hip bet­ween cof­fee far­ming and tou­rism al­so helps alle­via­te the sea­so­nal ef­fects that both sec­tors fa­ce, allo­wing tou­ris­tic ac­ti­vi­ties in cof­fee farms to be­co­me an im­por­tant al­ter­na­ti­ve for ge­ne­ra­ting ad­di­tio­nal in­co­me for far­mers and pro­du­cers du­ring the pe­riods the­re’s no har­vest, whi­le at the same time allo­wing the tou­rism in­dustry the pos­si­bi­lity of ex­ten­ding their tou­ris­tic of­fer of tra­di­tio­nal pro­ducts du­ring the off sea­sons. We are ready to sha­re this won­der­ful ex­pe­rien­ce with all our vi­si­tors.

Cof­fee far­ming is a li­festy­le sha­red by over 110 thou­sand fa­mi­lies na­tion­wi­de who con­tri­bu­te per­ma­nently to the sustainable de­ve­lop­ment of their com­mu­ni­ties. The cof­fee rou­te will allow vi­si­tors to explore the ex­traor­di­nary wealth of our country, from the west to the east, whi­le al­so lear­ning countless stories along the way.

We are com­mit­ted to ma­ke all the ne­ces­sary ef­forts to en­su­re that our vi­si­tors can claim they ex­plo­red a cof­fee pro­du­cing country that not only pro­vi­ded a won­der­ful ex­pe­rien­ce, but al­so ma­na­ged to ex­ceed their ex­pec­ta­tions.

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