Hon­du­ras achie­ves sig­ni­fi­cant pro­gress

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Dear Friends: It gi­ves me great plea­su­re to sha­re with you so­me won­der­ful news; our be­lo­ved Hon­du­ras has achie­ved sig­ni­fi­cant ad­van­ces over the cour­se of the past year in its de­ve­lop­ment and po­si­tio­ning as a tou­rism-orien­ted Cen­tral Ame­ri­can na­tion. The de­cla­ra­tion of the Pre­si­dent of the Re­pu­blic, Juan Or­lan­do Her­nán­dez, to pla­ce Tou­rism as a Na­tio­nal Prio­rity, has ope­ned doors for great achie­ve­ments that are re­flec­ted fo­re­most in the la­test Tou­rism Com­pe­ti­ti­ve­ness Re­port for 2015 by the World Eco­no­mic Fo­rum WEF, which de­tails that Hon­du­ras im­pro­ved its po­si­tion in the po­li­cies and con­di­tions that foster tou­rism, even ran­king abo­ve Cos­ta Ri­ca. Se­condly, it is of great sig­ni­fi­can­ce that the Glo­bal Pea­ce In­dex re­port sta­ted Hon­du­ras no lon­ger ranks among the top fi­ve most vio­lent countries of the con­ti­nent in its la­test poll. A lot of ef­fort has go­ne in­to main­tai­ning the cli­ma­te of se­cu­rity in tou­rist des­ti­na­tions, and tho­se ac­tions pro­du­ced re­cord fi­gu­res this year of 100,000 crui­se pas­sen­gers th­roug­hout the th­ree crui­se ports so­lely du­ring the month of March, which is the bu­siest sea­son. In ad­di­tion, Roa­tan was re­cog­ni­zed for ha­ving the healt­hiest co­ral re­efs th­roug­hout the re­gion ac­cor­ding to the In­ter­na­tio­nal Or­ga­ni­za­tion of Healthy Re­efs. The pro­mo­tion of the tou­rist beau­ties Hon­du­ras has to of­fer cap­ti­va­ted ma­jor au­dien­ces thanks to the Eu­ro­pean “Sur­vi­vor” reality show, which was seen by over 8 mi­llion Eu­ro­peans vie­wers. Sig­ni­fi­cant pro­jects ha­ve been reali­zed such as the cons­truc­tion and fur­nis­hing of airs­trips in areas of great in­ter­est, such as Co­pan and Gra­cias, as well as the ope­ning of new ho­tels and a mo­dern con­ven­tion cen­ter in San Pe­dro Su­la for 2016. New tou­rism pro­ducts are cu­rrently being de­ve­lo­ped such as bird­wat­ching and the Cof­fee Rou­te, the res­to­ra­tion of the Tal­gua ca­ves and whi­te city not to men­tion the po­si­tio­ning of tou­rist pro­ducts ran­ging from beau­ti­ful bea­ches, li­ving cul­tu­res, ar­cheo­logy, na­tu­re and ad­ven­tu­re, tra­di­tion and gas­tro­nomy. Wit­hout a doubt 2016 will be bet­ter thanks to the on­going sup­port of en­tre­pre­neurs of our country and in­vol­ve­ment of peo­ple li­ving in tou­rist des­ti­na­tions.

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