Hon­du­ras, a dream co­me true

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It is said that dreams ra­rely co­me true, ho­we­ver when vi­si­ting Hon­du­ras, they de­fi­ni­tely do. Hon­du­ras is small in te­rri­tory but great in spi­rit, in fact it is the heart of Ame­ri­ca. When co­ming to this splen­did Cen­tral Ame­ri­can country it is im­pos­si­ble not to fall in lo­ve with its peo­ple, who re­cei­ve each vi­si­tor as fa­mily and friend, sho­wing them the true fee­ling of being Hon­du­rans. This in­com­pa­ra­ble country opens its doors wi­de open so that each per­son can wit­ness its gran­deur and thus be part of its essence. When coun­ting each one of its beau­ties it is im­pos­si­ble not to ex­claim ¡What a for­tu­ne being born in Hon­du­ras! When we talk about this fi­ve-star­land, we talk about cul­tu­re, his­tory, bea­ches and na­tu­re, we talk about a dream co­me true. From east to west, from north to south, Hon­du­ras shows us to be an ex­qui­si­te sce­nery to know. From the an­cient Co­pán Ruins to the se­cond lung of Ame­ri­ca, the Río Plá­tano Biosp­he­re; from its re­efs in Uti­la and Roa­tán to the dee­pest of its fo­rests in the Ce­la­que Na­tio­nal Park; from its co­lo­nial his­tory in Co­ma­ya­gua­to its Ga­rí­fu­na roots in Te­la; the Hon­du­ras shows us its per­fec­tion and in­vi­tes us to li­ve each of them. In this edi­tion we high­light the uni­que beauty of Uti­la, the Ca­rib­bean Ro­se. For the­se and many mo­re reasons we say: Wel­co­me to a dream co­me true! Wel­co­me to Hon­du­ras!

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