BE­LLO Mi­ra­dor de La Ciu­dad des­de EL Cris­to DEL pi­ca­cho.


Honduras Tips - - TEGUCIGALPA -

The ca­pi­tal of Hon­du­ras, In­te­res­ting city, that mi­xes the mo­der­nity of a ca­pi­tal with a moun­tai­nous pa­no­ra­ma. It al­so has a twin city, Co­ma­ya­güe­la and to­get­her they form the Cen­tral Dis­trict. In 1880 it ac­qui­red the title of Ca­pi­tal of the Re­pu­blic, when Pre­si­dent Mar­co Au­re­lio So­to mo­ved the seat of go­vern­ment from Co­ma­ya­gua. Alt­hough the eco­no­mic po­wer is in the north of the country, the ca­pi­tal has all the po­li­ti­cal po­wer. Em­bas­sies, con­su­la­tes, in­ter­na­tio­nal or­ga­ni­za­tions, go­vern­ment se­cre­ta­riats, mi­li­tary corps and the Pre­si­den­tial Hou­se are lo­ca­ted in the ca­pi­tal. As well as the­re is a great ni­che for cul­tu­ral, in­te­llec­tual and ar­tis­tic mo­ve­ments; And li­ke any ca­pi­tal, Te­gu­ci­gal­pa be­co­mes the ideal pla­ce to prac­ti­ce all kinds of tou­rism, you can learn from his­tory th­rough its streets and mu­se-

to vi­sit OJO­JO­NA, santa LU­CÍA An VA­LLE de ÁN­GE­LES is MANDATORY whi­le you ARE in “te­gus”. ums, re­lax in a ho­tel whi­le ta­king a dip in a pool, trek­king and breat­hing the pu­re air a few km away from the city, ha­ve a drink in a trendy bar, tas­te a good cof­fee in an ori­gi­nal cof­fee shop, eat a ba­lea­da so­mew­he­re in the ca­pi­tal, go shop­ping in one of its ex­clu­si­ve malls or vi­sit so­me small town nearby, to na­me a few. For all the­se reasons and many mo­re, Te­gu­ci­gal­pa is an es­sen­tial des­ti­na­tion when vi­si­ting Hon­du­ras. You can al­ways ask a lo­cal wha to do, and su­rely you will re­cei­ve so­me help.

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