Deep-fried Crab Cake with Pork and Shrimp

Light and fluffy, these crispy Chi­nese crab cakes are the per­fect af­ter­noon snack.

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Makes 4 in­gre­di­ents

8 slices of fatty pork, 0.5mm thick A splash of rose ex­tract


2 taels siu mai fill­ing

2 maces of mud crab meat

2 celeries, diced

2 mush­rooms

2 wa­ter chest­nuts, diced

1/2 tael imi­ta­tion crab paste

4 Chi­nese pars­ley leaves

Egg white paste

10 taels corn starch

12 taels oil

10 taels egg white

2 taels bak­ing soda

Wa­ter * 1 mace is about 3.8 grams

Prep & cook time

3 hours

1 Pre­pare the pork

Rub rose ex­tract onto pork to make it less greasy and more ten­der. The pork should be white as snow.

2 Make the crab cake fill­ing

Wrap siu mai fill­ing, wa­ter chest­nuts, mush­rooms, Chi­nese cel­ery, meat from the mud crab and pork in two slices of pork. Add crab paste and seal the crab cake with the fi­nal por­tion of the pork. Freeze for one hour to set.

3 Fry the crab cakes

Com­bine in­gre­di­ents to make the egg white paste. Dip the pork in the bat­ter and fry gen­tly for five min­utes un­til golden, translu­cent and crispy.

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