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1 What is art to you?

The el­e­ment of in­spi­ra­tion.

2 What are your in­spi­ra­tions?

As a young child, I have vivid mem­o­ries of vis­it­ing tra­di­tional mar­kets with my mother and grand­mother. I can clearly re­mem­ber the tastes and smells from that time.

3 If you could de­scribe your­self with a plate of food, what would it be?

I don’t think I can de­scribe my char­ac­ter with a plate of food. Salt, pep­per, fresh fish … I think I’m best de­scribed as a com­pos­ite of el­e­ments.

4 What do you love most about the sea?

The water. I love the feel and char­ac­ter of the water.

5 How has your child­hood in­flu­enced your cook­ing?

I in­cor­po­rate sev­eral dishes with ocean and sea themes into my tast­ing menus. Un­der the Sea was a very pop­u­lar dish last year, de­signed to em­u­late mem­o­ries of my child­hood by the ocean. I change my menu sea­son­ally and my un­der­stand­ing of seafood helps me to do this.

6 What are the most in­ter­est­ing flavours you’ve come across?

Seafood flavours never fail to cap­ture my in­ter­est, es­pe­cially in Ja­pan. I love the flavours of Ja­panese fresh fish, sushi, and tem­pura, largely be­cause of their long his­tory of skilled crafts­man­ship.

7 If you weren’t a chef, what would you be?

An aca­demic, I think. I would have be­come an artist and an aca­demic.

8 If you were to open a restau­rant any­where in the world, where would it be?

Hong Kong, Sin­ga­pore, Ja­pan, Shang­hai…

9 Thoughts on Korean fine-din­ing?

High-end Korean food is scarce and what does ex­ist is of­ten over­rated. This is be­cause it has not yet re­ally had a chance to ex­pand prop­erly out­side Korea. Once this starts, food qual­ity will im­prove.

10 What do you like to eat af­ter a service?

A Korean-style lunch­box from the local mar­ket.

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