Remember the kings – 40 years after Elvis’ death在貓王Elvis Presley40周年忌辰,我們回顧不同界別的王者

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Forty years on from Elvis’ death, we look at the other kings


貓王Elvis Presley逝世40周年之際,回顧其他至尊王者

12 The size in inches of the largest tooth belonging to a Tyrannosaurus Rex – The King of the Dinosaurs.至今找到屬於「恐龍之王」暴龍的牙齒,最大的有12吋長。

1974 Elvis Presley’s other passion was karate. He held an eighth-degree black belt and opened his own dojo in Tennessee in 1974.

貓王Elvis Presley對空手道亦十分熱愛,他是空手道黑帶八段的高手,並於1974年在田納西開設道場。

122 The number of weeks Thriller – the sixth album by The King of Pop, Michael Jackson – spent in the Billboard 200 charts.「流行天王」Michael Jackson的第六

張專輯《Thriller》在流行曲排行榜Billboard 200上停留了122個星期。

The year Rameses II’s mummified body was shipped from Egypt to France. He was even issued a passport; his occupation read: King (deceased).法老王拉美西斯二世的木乃伊於1974年從埃及運往法國時,甚至獲發護照,職業一欄上寫著:「國王(已故)」。 1974

An average durian – known as The King of Fruits – has this many calories.有「熱帶果王」之稱的榴槤,平均每個含有1,350卡路里。 1,350

In May 2016, Wes ‘ The King of Kong’ Copeland retook arcade gaming’s most coveted high score with this record-breaking score on Donkey Kong. 2016年5月,街機遊戲《大金剛》之王Wes Copeland再次打破這個遊戲的最高得分紀錄,取得萬眾羨慕的1,218,000分。 1,218,000

51 The number of years (1956 until his death in 2007) Tsang Tsou- choi, the self-proclaimed King of Kowloon, graffitied his claim to royal lineage around Hong Kong.「九龍皇帝」曾灶財自1956年起,直至逝世的2007年為止,51年來在全港多處以中文塗鴉,宣稱自己是天潢貴冑的後代。

20 The number of hours a day a male lion – known as The King of the Jungle – sleeps.有「叢林之王」之稱的雄性獅子,一天要睡20小時。

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