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place to spend August in the northern hemisphere? My tip: pick a place that spends half of the year freezing, dark – or both. That’s where they really know how to relish a summer.

Some of my most idyllic midsummer memories are of places where we readily think of down jackets and hot chocolate rather than cold beer and bikinis. I’m thinking of the slow drive I took up the west coast of Sweden, or the winding tour of the British Columbia winelands, or strolling around the parks of Moscow or island hopping in the southern archipelago of Finland. The days seemed


我有不少如詩如畫的仲夏回憶,回憶中的仲夏勝地很容易令人聯想到羽絨外套和熱朱古力,而非冰凍啤酒與比堅尼。我想起的是在瑞典西岸慢悠的自駕遊,在卑詩省產酒區迂迴曲折的旅程,或者在莫斯科的公園漫步,還有遊覽多個芬蘭南部的群島。白晝長得彷彿沒有 to last forever and everyone, young and old, is outside messing about on the water or absorbing as much of the sun as they can before it hibernates again. There’s a carefree hedonism those of us who live closer to the equator just don’t get to experience.

That’s why we enjoyed Will Hide’s story on Zürich’s obsession with outdoor swimming (page 38). We associate the Swiss city with business suits, not swimsuits. Nothing goes with a frozen margarita like having a preconception challenged.


Mark Jones

Editorial director


因此我們非常喜歡Wi l l Hide筆下蘇黎世人熱衷戶外游泳的故事( 38頁)。這個瑞士城市的人不只穿著整齊的西裝去上班,他們也會換上泳衣跳進水裡;遇到令你打破成見的事物,有如醍醐灌頂,心下豁然。

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