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Fidgety? Can’t concentrate? You need to get engrossed in something. Try these.坐立不安?無法集中精神?那麼你需要一些能令你全神貫注的東西。不妨試試以下的建議。 Goldie Hawn and Amy Schumer go on a jungle trek in mother-daughter comedy Snatched (movies – Western cinema) (1). (Read about their real-life travels on page 58.) Takeshi Kaneshiro and Zhou Dongyu bond over mouthwatering food in romantic comedy This is Not What I Expected! (movies – Chinese cinema) (2). The fate of tech company Pied Piper hangs in the balance in the fourth season of Emmy award-winning comedy Silicon Valley (TV – comedy) (3). Comedians Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon go on a hilarious foodie road trip in pseudo-documentary The Trip (TV – lifestyle) (4).

Goldie Hawn與Amy Schumer在喜劇《帶著老母去旅行》(電影—西方院線)( 1)飾演一對性格不合的母,女 一同往叢林旅行鬧笑得 話百出(參閱58頁關於兩人在現實生活中的旅遊經歷)。金城武與周冬雨在愛情喜劇《喜歡你》(電影—華語電影)( 2)藉著令人垂涎的美食而互生情愫。科技公司Pied Piper的前途在艾美獎得獎喜劇《Si l icon Val ley》(電視—諧趣喜劇)( 3)第四季中陷入不知何去何從的困境。笑匠Steve Coogan與Rob Brydon在仿紀錄片《The Trip》(電視—時尚姿采)(4 )踏上令人捧腹的美食之旅。

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