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six years, dozens more small-scale lodges and guesthouses have opened in Moganshan.

They include the Naked Stables

( nakedretreats.cn/naked-stables), a resort with impeccable eco-credentials (LEEDplatinum certified, no less), at the foot of the hill. As for the rooms, the line-up includes rammed-earth huts (much more glamorous than they sound – see right) and treetop villas – all made with natural materials. Green fingers haven’t limited the lavish touches here, where you’ll find personal butlers to roll out your yoga mat, should you need a hand.

Or for a cosy, low-key option set atop the mountain, there’s Moganshan House 23 ( moganshanhouse23.com) –a collection of four restored 20th century stone mansions, featuring tiled mosaic floors, art deco details and manicured gardens. Nearby is sister property Moganshan Lodge restaurant – one of a small handful of standalone restaurants in the area, serving the village’s best coffee.

Ambitious adventure developments have followed, including Discovery Adventures Moganshan Park, which offers ziplining, ropes courses and climbing walls. 過去六年,數十間小型客棧和旅館相繼於莫干山開業。

其中一間是位於山腳下的裸心谷度假村酒店( nakedretreats.cn/naked-stables),擁有綠色建築國際獎項LEED的白金級環保認證,屬頂級環保建築。客房有夯土建的小屋(其實比聽起來要華麗得多,見上圖)和樹頂別墅,全部採用天然物料建成。酒店的環保風格不損其奢華氣派,備有管家服務,如有需要的話,甚至可以為你鋪設瑜伽墊。

而位於山頂的則有莫干山環雲別墅( moganshanhouse23.com),是一個舒適低調之選。旅館擁有四棟經復修的20世紀石建別墅,內有馬賽克彩磚地板、豐富的裝飾藝術細節,以及修剪得漂亮整齊的花園。別墅毗鄰姊妹物業莫干山馬克咖啡廳,是區內少數獨立餐廳之一,顧客可在此處品嚐全村最美味的咖啡。


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