WALK AROUND THE well-groomed neighbourhood of Phrom Phong in Bangkok, and you might notice there’s more than a little of Italy about it.

That’s thanks to Vittorio, a new 28-floor luxury apartment block, on Sukhumvit Soi 39. From the outside, it looks like the very pinnacle of glassy Asian urban architecture, with floor-to-ceiling windows and a vertiginous swimming pool on the roof. Walk inside, and it’s like stepping inside a classic Florentine palace.

The newly minted condominium Vittorio, named after 19th century Italian king Victor Emmanuel II, the first royal to rule a united Italy since the sixth century AD, takes its inspiration from Florence’s famed Uffizi Gallery – starting from the moment you enter this vertical palazzo.

Stepping inside Vittorio, the first thing you’ll see is the Galleria Medici lobby – named after the all-powerful aristocratic Italian family – decked out in Palissandro Bluette Italian marble, a luxury material that hails from the Alps in northern Italy. Note the U-shape of the Galleria Medici: it mimics the elegant, shaded courtyard of the Uffizi.

Florence’s Uffizi Gallery is one of the greatest art galleries in the world, particularly famed for its collection of Italian Renaissance art (including works by Leonardo da Vinci, Botticelli and Titian). Vittorio was also inspired by the Uffizi’s 在曼谷的鵬蓬漫步,你會發現這裡不但環境雅致,還散發意大利氣息。


這幢剛落成的住宅大廈取名Vittorio,源自19世紀意大利國王Victor Emmanuel二世,這位君主是自公元六世紀以來首位君臨統一後的意大利疆土的帝王。建築靈感受佛羅倫斯著名的烏菲茲美術館啟發,甫踏進這幢摩天宮殿,即可感受濃厚的藝術氣息。

走進Vittorio大廈,首先來到麥迪奇藝廊,這是大廈的大堂,名稱來自對意大利有深遠影響的貴族世家麥迪奇家族。大堂採用的Palissandro Bluette雲石,是一種十分名貴的石材,來自意大利北部阿爾卑斯山一帶,而麥迪奇藝廊的U型設計,則是仿傚烏菲茲美術館典雅的有蓋庭院。

Vasari Corridor, which connects the Palazzo Vecchio with the Palazzo Pitti along the banks of the city’s Arno River. In Bangkok, the idea of Florence’s Vasari Corridor manifests itself in Vittorio’s private pathways between residential and public spaces, ensuring an exceptional level of privacy.

Vittorio’s Italian flavour extends beyond the interiors, which were spearheaded by British designer Alexander Lamont, who draws inspiration from decorative Western and Eastern artforms of the early 20th century. At Vittorio, the kind of seclusion you imagine on holiday in Tuscany permeates the atmosphere of the apartments, all designed with the utmost privacy in mind.

There are four units per floor – 88 in total – all with private lift access (and decorated with shagreen, a natural but hard-to-find material). Flats are all set on the corners of each floor, so you don’t share any common walls with your neighbours. Not only does this mean total privacy in one of the world’s most electric cities, but it also means a blockbuster view over central Bangkok and the curve of the Chao Phraya River.

Then there’s the injection of the glamour of an Italian lifestyle. The Vittorio concierge, in the Galleria Medici lobby, is on hand; while the in-res gym is a work of art in itself: an Arno Vitality Pool with a seven-station hydrotherapy circuit, as well as a panoramic workout space decked out with state-of-the-art Technogym equipment, which – no surprise – hails from Italy.

Residents who want to swap 16th century Italy for 21st century Bangkok don’t have far to go. On Vittorio’s doorstep is one of Bangkok’s buzziest districts: Phrom Phong. See the box (right) for more neighbourhood information.

Prices start at 28 million Thai baht. For more information, see

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位佛於 羅倫斯的烏菲茲美術館是全球首屈一指的優秀藝廊,以意大利文藝復興時期的館藏(括達文西、波提切利和提香的作品)著稱。美術館的瓦薩利長廊連接諾阿 河兩岸的舊宮和彼提宮,亦是Vittorio的靈感;來源 這幢位於曼谷的華貴大廈,以私人長廊將住宅和大廈後面的空間接連 ,就如佛羅倫斯的瓦薩利長廊保,障住客的隱私。

Vittorio的室內設計英由 國設計師Alexander Lamont負,計責 設 風格向20世紀初期的東、西方裝飾藝術形式取經。Vittorio洋溢的意大利情風 ,瀰漫各個住宅單位,置身其中,有如在遠離繁囂的托斯卡尼度假,項而各設計均務求私獲令 隱 得最大的保障。

大廈每層只有四個單位,全幢大廈合共有88個單位,每個單位都擁有私人電梯(電梯內部更罕以 有而天然的鯊魚皮為飾)。每個單位分別位於樓層的四個角,落 因此每一戶均絕對獨立,須毋 與鄰居共用任何一面牆 壁。谷在曼 這個全球數一數二的繁華城市之中,這種設計不單為住客帶來全面的私隱保障,更令每個單位均可飽覽曼谷中部和蜿蜒曲折的湄南河風景。

Vittorio大亦廈 為住客帶來魅力十足的意式生活風格:麥迪奇藝廊大堂的禮賓服務隨時候命,廈而大 附設的健室身 本身就是一件藝術品: Arno活力泳池擁有七種水療系,統 運動空間但不 擁有全景觀,更配備最先進的Technogym健身器材,這些器材當然也是自來 意。大利

住客若想從16世紀意的 大利前往21世的紀 曼谷,亦易如反掌: Vittorio門前就是曼谷其中一個最繁華的地區鵬蓬。有方該區的詳情參,請 閱下面的介紹。

格由2,800萬泰銖。起 詳情覽請瀏


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