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You’re not feeling very mainstream today. Time to get arty. Experiment a little.今天想與主流保持距離,最好有點藝術氣,息或帶點實驗意味。 Brian Cox is mesmerising as Sir Winston Churchill in political drama Churchill (movies – Western cinema) (1). Enter the mind of a true cinematic genius with David Lynch: The Art Life (TV – documentary) (2). Stephen Fry’s hilarious mystery novel comes to life in The Hippopotamus (movies – Western cinema) (3). A chess player uses his talent to defy his captors in Spanish drama El Jugador de Ajedrez (The Chess Player) (movies – arthouse) (4).

老牌演員Br ian Cox在政治劇情片《Church il l》(電影─西方院線)( 1)飾演已故的英國首相邱吉爾,演出引人入勝。《大衛連治藝術人生》(電視─紀錄短片)( 2)帶你走入鬼才導演的內心世界。爆笑喜劇《The Hippopotamus》(電影─西方院線)( 3)將Stephen Fry的懸疑滑稽小說搬上大銀。幕 一名棋手利用天賦在西班牙電影《El Jugador de Ajedrez (The Chess Player)(電影》 ─術間藝 空 )(4 )中死裡逃生。

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