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Everyone’s talking about this movie or TV show. What do you mean you’ve not seen it?

大家都在談論這部電影或電視節目,什麼?你還沒看過? The deadly xenomorphs are back in Alien: Covenant (movies – Western cinema) (1); while Captain Jack Sparrow sets sail once again in Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales (movies – Western cinema) (2). Revisit the first season of critically acclaimed drama The Good Wife (TV – drama) (3); and a young man battles his new girlfriend’s seven evil exes in cult comedy Scott Pilgrim vs. The World (movies – Western classics) (4).

可怕的空獸太 怪 異形回歸《異形聖: 約》(電影—西方院線)( 1)。Jack Sparrow船長在《加勒比海盜:惡靈啟航》(電影—西方院線)( 2)再度揚帆出海。重溫廣受好評的劇集《法妻》(電視—劇力萬鈞)( 3)第一季。另類喜劇《爆女大格鬥》(電影—西片精選)(4 )講述一位年輕人過關斬將,打敗女友七個邪惡的前度,成功贏得芳心。

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