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It’s Pink Season for boys, girls and all the rest



THIS MONTH IS Pink Season, and rainbow flags are flying high.

In Hong Kong, the LGBTIQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex, queer) community remains resilient in the fight for equality and diversity: which sometimes includes throwing back a few vodka sodas.

You’ll find the boys, girls and everyone else rubbing shoulders at newly opened bar Petticoat Lane (1) tucked away in the backstreets of Central. The venue offers a Wednesgay happy hour (free-flow vodka) from 10:30-11:30pm. If you haven’t had your fill, head to the cosy T:me Bar (2) on Thursday for free flow starting at 8:30pm.

Ready to mingle? Head to Guerrilla Hong Kong, the monthly, low-key social event gathering gay men and women together so they can get to know one another. It’s on 4 October at Happy Paradise (3) – the neoCantonese fusion restaurant by out and proud chef May Chow. For a more revved up night, head to monthly meet-up Behind (4) on 28 October for a Halloween bash. It’s where the hippest and hottest LGBTIQ people hang out. (Check facebook.com/ ClubBehind for venue details.)

On 14 October, A Very Feminem Floatilla Weekend kicks off with an opening party from 9:30pm at Sheung Wan’s FLM. The colourful affair includes an Adele tribute show and DJ set by Aussie drag sensation Feminem, as well as the opening ceremony.

Then, it’s all aboard the Floatilla (5) on 15 October, an armada of junks carrying some fabulous females and tanned men clad in Speedos. Between eight and 12 boats usually head out together, so get on one to experience the biggest outdoor party of the year.

The LGBTIQ experience is not all about partying. It’s about love, respect, acceptance, family and community and no other event epitomises that spirit more than Pink Dot (6). On 22 October, the gay community and its allies can enjoy food, drinks and an outdoor concert featuring Hong Kong’s top music acts at the West Kowloon Cultural District. At around 4pm, the crowd is going to gather to create a giant pink dot for an aerial photo, so remember to wear pink and show just how proud you are… 本月彩虹旗隨風飄揚,迎接「粉紅天」。


位於中環小街內的全新酒吧Petticoat Lane(1)內,男男女女及其他顧客,在此舉杯暢飲。這裡地方寬敞,星期三晚更設有Wednesgay歡樂時光,由晚上10時30分至11時30分無限量供應伏特加。如果你還沒有喝夠,可以星期四晚到T:me Bar酒吧( 2)去,那裡的酒於星期四晚上8時30分開始無限量供應。

想找人聊天嗎?可參加每月舉行一次的Guerrilla Hong


Happy Paradise(3)舉行,這家餐廳由以同志身份為榮的大廚周思薇開設。想過個更熱鬧更刺激的晚上,不妨於10月28日前往每月一度的活動Behind(4)去,參加萬聖節前夕派對。城中最潮最受人擁戴的LGBTIQ都是來這裡玩樂的。地點詳情見facebook.com/ClubBehind。

A Very Feminem Floatilla



LGBTIQ的體驗並非只有派對玩樂,也跟愛心、尊重、容、家庭與社區有關,而沒有一項活動比Pink Dot(6)更能將這種精神充分發揮。10月22日,同志社群及相關的支持者會雲集西九文化區,一同享受美酒佳餚,以及參加有香港多位頂級音樂人演出的戶外音樂會。到了大約下午4點左右,參加者將會聚集在一起,組成一個巨型的粉紅圓點,供航拍機拍攝照片。所以記得當天要穿粉紅色的衣服,並且盡情流露自豪感……

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