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New Zealand is a small country that packs a strong punch. In one day, you can explore rainforests, snow, surf and desert. And the best way to get around and take in all the arts, culture, Maori tradition and landscapes is by car.

There are so many attractions in New Zealand, that at Avis we have built a resource centre for self- drive holidays to guide you through the major regions, outlining the very best activities not to miss. You can easily pick up an Avis rental car from over 40 convenient hire locations across New Zealand, including at the major airports.

In addition, we have just launched the Avis Signature Series where you can travel in luxurious business class – no matter where you are going.

Unlock the World with Avis and make your road trip experience an unforgettable one. avis. com


紐西蘭好玩的地方數之不盡,因此Avis特為自駕遊旅客設立了一個資源中心,提供主要地區的,資料 推介不可錯過的采精 活動。你可以在紐西蘭全國逾40個位置方便的租車地點取車,包括各主要,的機場 令你旅程更方便輕鬆。

此外,我們剛推出Avis Signature Series,讓你無論前往何處,皆可以乘坐豪華舒適的房車出門。


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