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RETURN TO snowy Minnesota with this Emmy-winning series. This season’s story centres around a married couple (Ewan McGregor and Mary Elizabeth Winstead) embroiled in a double murder case after a botched robbery. You can also watch the Coen Brothers’ movie of the same name that inspired the show in Movies (Western classics) on the interactive menu.

收看這個榮獲艾美獎的劇集,重溫明尼蘇達州冰天雪地的風光。今季的故事主角是一對夫婦( Ewan McGregor與Mary Elizabeth Winstead分飾,) 兩人以拙劣的手法打劫之後,捲入一宗雙屍謀殺。案中 你也可以在互動選單的電影(西片精選)中觀看由Coen Brothers執導、啟發這套劇集的電影《雪花高離奇命案》。

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