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Cathy is Discovery’s managing editor. She documented Gordon Ramsay’s swear words during an interview on page 58. What’s your signature dish? ‘A 100-piece frozen party platter and a bottle of champagne.’

Cathy是《Discovery》的執行編輯。她在58頁Gordon Ramsay的專訪中,記錄他說了幾多次髒話。哪一道是你最愛的招牌菜?「放了100件食物的派對冷盤和一瓶香檳。」


Steve is a photographer and writer who has been travelling the world on two wheels for more than 35 years. He tracked down some of Sri Lanka’s standard bike racers on page 52. What’s your signature dish? ‘Spicy prawn pasta with homemade sauce.’身兼攝影師及作家的Steve騎單車環遊世界已超過35年。他在52頁的斯里蘭卡之旅中訪問幾位當地標準單車車手。哪一道是你最愛的招牌菜?「配以自家製醬汁的香辣大蝦意粉。」



Kevin is Discovery’s entertainment editor. So far this year he’s seen more than 300 films. Read his round-up of Sundance films showing onboard on page 94. What’s your signature dish? ‘ Shogayaki (pork fried with ginger). It’s a very common Japanese family dish. It’s very easy to make, but the sauce has to be mixed just right.’馬樂民是《Discovery》的娛樂編輯,到目前為止今年已看了逾300部電影。他於94頁介紹機上放映的辛丹斯電影節影片。哪一道是你最愛的招牌菜?「豬肉生薑燒。這是一道十分常見的日本家常菜,做法容易,但醬汁的味道則要調校得恰到好處。」


Danae is a journalist who bounces between the Middle East and the rest of the world. Her work has appeared in CNN Travel, The Sunday Times and more. She drove to Oman on page 40. What’s your signature dish? ‘Cauliflower. You can steam it for smoothies or grill it as “steak”. But my favourite is “cauliflower rice” mixed with curry sauce for a super healthy Indian dinner.’

Danae是穿梭中東及世界各地的記者,她的文章曾於CNN Travel和《星期日泰晤士報》等媒體刊載。她於40頁與我們分享駕車到阿曼的見聞。哪一道是你最愛的招牌菜?「是花椰菜,你可以將它蒸煮後用來製作冰沙,或是當作『牛扒』來烤。但我還是最愛炮製咖哩汁『花椰菜飯』,那是一道十分健康的印度美食。」


Josephine is a Rome-based journalist who reports on food, wine, culture and Italy’s top travel destinations. She writes about Rome’s café culture on page 62. What’s your signature dish? ‘ Scaloppine al limone (fried veal with lemon), which I picked up while living in Italy. I have no patience for cookbooks…’


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