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renting a car from Dubai to take to Oman, make sure that you get Oman insurance. You will be asked for this at the border.

There are numerous border crossings in and out of Oman, but the rules on which ones foreigners are allowed to take change quite frequently. Double check with the hotels before you go.

Book at least three nights at each property. The drives between them can be quite long.

If I did the trip again, I’d stop between Six Senses Zighy Bay and the Alila Jabal Akhdar for a few nights in Al Ain. This would split the epic 10-hour drive up into two shorter chunks.

It’s best to do the trip with three or four people. Don’t try it with one, as navigating the map requires active focus.

All the mountain properties offer some form of over-the-mountain transport. They just don’t all advertise it the same way. Just ask when you book.

Most international driving licences, especially those with a photo, are valid for driving in Oman as a tourist. But, as with anything, check.

如果你在杜拜租車前往阿曼,須確取保 得阿曼的汽車保險。邊境關卡會將 要求你出示保險證明。

來往阿曼的路上有許多邊境關卡,但容許外國人使用的過境關卡的規例經常改變。出發前務必與酒店確認情詳 。


如再果 來一趟,我在會 Six Senses Zighy Bay酒至店 Alila Jabal Akhdar度假村途中的艾因市停留數晚。這樣可以把十小時的駕車時間分成段短兩 較 的車程。

最好至三 四人同行。要不只一旅出與名伴發,因為查看地圖需要無比專注力。

所有位於山區的住宿地點都提供某登些 山交通工具,只不過宣傳的方式可能有所不同。可在訂房時查情詢詳 。

大部分國際駕照(特別是附有相片的方均可在阿曼以遊客身份駕車。不過出發前最好再次認確 。

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