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IN A dystopian future ruled by an extremist government, women are classified into a strict caste system. One of them, the handmaids, exists only to bear children for the rich and powerful. This dark, riveting adaptation of Margaret Atwood’s 1985 novel about the danger of extreme patriarchy won eight Emmy awards, including best drama and best actress in a drama for star Elisabeth Moss.

本劇背景設於反烏托邦的未來世界,於極權主義政府的統治,下婦女階級以嚴格的制度劃。分其中一個階級是侍女,生存的目的只是為有財有勢人士生育兒女視。電 劇改編自加拿大文學家Margaret Atwood於1985年出版的同名小說,述講 極端父權制度的可怕之處。劇情氣氛陰沉,引人入勝。今年,《The Handmaid's Tale》橫掃八項艾美,獎 當中括最佳劇,集 而女星El isabet h Moss亦憑此劇封劇情組視后。

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