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NINE-YEAR- old Hongkonger Celine Tam stole the headlines back home when her powerful voice recently landed her in the semi- nals of America’s Got Talent. Celine is one of the many talented individuals who found fame on the show’s stage. Check out amazing acts from other Talent series around the world in this roundup show.

近日,歲九 香港女孩譚昀其芷 憑嘹亮歌聲,躋身才藝比賽《全美一叮》的準決賽,並登上各大娛樂頭。譚昀個條 除 芷 這 成功例子外,許多才華橫溢的表演者其實都是透過踏上此舞台而一舉成名。節目輯錄了全球《一叮》系列的精華片段,讓觀眾欣賞一眾技驚四座的表演項目。

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