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By day, the fresh white walls, massive open sliding doors and high ceilings keep this new Sri Lankan hotel bright, airy and cool (the infinity pool comes in handy, too), while log fires take care of the chilly Hill Country nights – when the temperature drops and the mists roll in across the lush Castlereagh Valley. The boutique five-room hotel, 1,200 metres up in the mountains, has been built to reflect the design of the many tea bungalows in the surrounding terraces. When it’s raining outside, the fireplace in the lounge provides the ideal space for snuggling up with a cup of Ceylon tea and enjoying the panoramic views.


清新的白色外牆、寬敞的趟門和極高的樓底,令這家全新的斯里蘭卡酒店白天明亮舒爽,還有無邊際游泳池供住客使用。夜間溫度下降,霧氣從蒼翠茂密的Castlereagh Valley山谷飄過來,酒店的壁爐生起的火令丘陵地區的清涼空氣暖和起來。這間精品酒店屹立在1,200米高的山丘上,共有五間客房,設計呼應附近一帶茶園常見的平房。遇到下雨天時,最好就是舒服地坐在大廳的火爐旁,呷一口錫蘭紅茶,欣賞周圍壯麗的景致就最適合不過。

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