Com­fort That Never Quits

The new Footjoy Con­tour­fit shoes


Footjoy, the #1 shoe in golf re­cently launched its lat­est golf shoe, the Con­tour­fit. Rec­og­nized as the best sell­ing shoe of all time given its rea­son­able price point and com­fort, this lat­est model takes com­fort to the max.

Com­pletely re­designed with the ul­ti­mate goal of un­matched com­fort, the Con­tour­fit sports a new look from its pre­de­ces­sors. Not only that, the re­vamped shoe has a com­pletely new Dy­naflex out­sole de­sign that has strate­gi­cally placed flex grooves that flex nat­u­rally with the foot. This pro­vides great flex­i­bil­ity while walk­ing and through­out the golf swing. In ad­di­tion, the top of the shoe fea­tures a new U-throat de­sign to give golfers a more gen­er­ous fit. A new in­te­grated Achilles heel pad de­liv­ers sup­port and com­fort com­ple­ment­ing the con­nected com­fort tongue that locks the foot into the shoe for a pre­cise fit. Cou­pled with a thicker su­per soft fitbed, the new Con­tour­fit shoe pro­vides a whole new ex­pe­ri­ence to your golf­ing round.

“Com­fort en­sures your over­all well­be­ing dur­ing the game and this in turn helps pro­vide that sense of con­fi­dence as you take each shot or putt. And as we all know, in the game of golf, con­fi­dence is king. The FJ Con­tour shoes have al­ways pro­vided out­stand­ing in-shoe com­fort and this is why it has long been the best­selling fran­chise we have in the FJ shoe fam­ily. The new Con­tour Fit has now raised in-shoe com­fort stan­dards to a new high and this all adds up to a shoe that will pro­vide you ex­cep­tional value af­ter the

many rounds you

will have played in them." said Ti­mothy Yoong, FJ Re­gional Brand Man­ager.

Straight out of the box, there is none of that “break­ing in” fuss. The leather used for the shoe is soft and very sup­ple. The Con­tour­fit has a wide toe box that is per­fect for most flat/wide-footed golfers like my­self. Its Fine Tuned Foam 3.0 un­der the feet is soft and thick. In ad­di­tion, for some of us golfers who want to min­i­mize the sock tan and pre­fer low-cut socks, the shoe boasts gen­er­ous pad­ding around the heels. The pad­ding is very soft and com­fort­able, staving off any po­ten­tial blis­ters.

The re­sult? Com­fort that never quits. To some, this might seem to be an­other catchy ad slo­gan. But hav­ing taken out the shoe for many rounds of golf -all walk­ing, I might add and I as­sure you, it is not. It truly re­flects the re­al­ity that the new Footjoy Con­tour­fit feels so soft, spongy and uber com­fort­able. It al­most feels like I have pil­lows un­der my feet! In my opin­ion, by far the most com­fort­able golf shoe I have worn for walk­ing in golf.

The shoe has a more ath­letic type look than its pre­de­ces­sors, while still main­tain­ing its pre­dom­i­nant con­ser­va­tive stature. But with its dif­fer­ent colour ac­cented mod­els, it doesn’t fall on the side of bor­ing. The in­tro­duc­tion of some waf­fled tex­ture that un­der­grids the sub­tle FJ logo on the side also lends the shoe an in­ter­est­ing look. For the lace mod­els, they come in: • black with sub­tle crim­son ac­cents • white with grey and red ac­cents • white with brown and a sub­tle red ac­cent • white with black and grey ac­cents

The BOA mod­els that pro­vide for a more snug and se­cure fit, have three mod­els. One is a con­ser­va­tive look­ing model that is white with grey and navy ac­cents while the other two are a bit edgier. If golfers are look­ing for just that small bit of piz­zazz, these edgier mod­els come in: • white with grey and a shiny blue ac­cent • white with navy and a shiny red ac­cent

Enough about the com­fort of the shoe - one might ask how about per­for­mance? Well, the Con­tour­fit is no slouch in this area. Footjoy has not for­got­ten this as­pect of per­for­mance in a golf shoe. The shoe has very good trac­tion and sta­bil­ity through its re­place­able Pul­sar soft spikes. In ad­di­tion, trac­tion is sup­ple­mented with rub­ber studs that weave be­tween all the spikes to give the shoe a very sta­ble base, even in wet con­di­tions. Talk­ing about wet con­di­tions, the Con­tour­fit is also wa­ter­proof and is guar­an­teed by Footjoy for one year in nor­mal use.

To the golfer out there that swings out of his socks that has been told that he needs to slow his swing to a blur, this shoe does the job of not let­ting him fall flat on his face.

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