Use your power wisely


The power check­list Set-up

Tour stats in­creas­ingly sug­gest the im­por­tance of power over accuracy when it comes to low scores. In­deed many top golfers av­er­age among the best for driv­ing dis­tance but rank very low for fair­ways hit. How­ever, note those stats don’t dif­fer­en­ti­ate be­tween a ball a yard off the fair­way and one in the next post­code. When­ever you pull out your power swing, you’lll in­evitably sac­ri­fice some con­trol – and ma­jor driver in­dis­cre­tions can be fa­tal for your score­card. So use it spar­ingly at first, on wide fair­ways in down­wind con­di­tions and ideally in Stable­fords. Then as your con­fi­dence grows, you can bring it into your game more of­ten. 1 Lean your spine away from the tar­get 2 Widen your stance 3 Peg the ball higher 4 Aim right of tar­get (right-han­ders)


1 Feel your trail pocket turns be­hind you 2 Lead shoul­der over trail hip 3 Keep your trail arm ex­tended 4 Let the lead heel rise


1 Drive knees to­wards the tar­get 2 Feel your cen­tre ‘back up’ at im­pact 3 Hit the ‘in­side’ of the ball 4 Re­turn the shaft to its ad­dress an­gle

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