The Stan­dard Chip

Keep it sim­ple to im­prove con­sis­tency


Nat­u­ral set-up

The ball be­ing in the mid­dle of the stance nat­u­rally sets the hands in a neu­tral po­si­tion. If I move the ball too far back, the hands nat­u­rally move for­ward; and vice versa. I like it all fairly cen­tral for con­sis­tently good ball­strik­ing – you don’t want too much shaft lean, mean­ing you are hit­ting down too steeply.

Nar­row stance

You hear a lot of vari­a­tions about how to hit a shot that trav­els a mat­ter of feet. I’m not go­ing to com­ment on other tech­niques and just say this to you – this is what I teach... and how I hit my chips my­self. The stance is quite nar­row com­pared to a full shot as you don’t need to hit it too far. The weight slightly favours the left foot.

Set shoulders square

The shoulders are square to the tar­get with the lower half a lit­tle open. A cen­tral po­si­tion for the ball also means the club­shaft is fairly neu­tral.­tom half open

The knees be­ing aligned a lit­tle left of tar­get helps you move through the ball and en­cour­ages you to get the ch­est turned to the tar­get af­ter im­pact.

Turn back and through

With this set-up, it is just a sim­ple back and through mo­tion. I don’t mind a tiny pause as you end the back­swing, then turn through un­til your ch­est faces the tar­get. Be sure to hit a pos­i­tive chip.

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