Dis­tance Putting

Start lag­ging your putts dead


Putt to the fringe

On a quiet prac­tice green set out five or six balls at in­ter­vals from one side of the putting sur­face to the other. The idea is that you roll them all up to touch the fringe. Sound easy? Well, no two putts are the same length, and you are con­sis­tently get­ting fur­ther away, so it is pro­gres­sively more dif­fi­cult. It’s a great drill to work on feel and con­trol; fo­cus on pro­duc­ing a smooth rhythm – that is the key to suc­cess. This is one of the most frus­trat­ing and in­con­spic­u­ous ways to drop a shot. So if you can lag your putts closer, it takes a lot of stress out of the game. Be­lieve me, even the very best play­ers are al­ways look­ing to do that. Good lag putting is all about good feel and dis­tance con­trol – here is a drill that can help you im­prove yours.

Stroke of ge­nius

The back­swing be­ing shorter than the through-swing can help rhythm – as shown by the balls above. Ob­vi­ously the lengths of stroke vary de­pend­ing on the length of putt, but this is the ra­tio I like – the left-hand ball is where the back­swing stops, mid­dle is the ball po­si­tion and the last one is where the put­ter stops.

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