The Flop Shot

How to play this high-tar­iff es­cape


This shot comes with a haz­ard warn­ing – I don’t even use it my­self! So it needs a lot of prac­tice for you to con­tem­plate us­ing it on the course. The flop shot is eas­ier out of the rough than the fair­way as you can slide the club un­der the ball more eas­ily – but even so, if you are not pre­pared to prac­tise it, I’d urge you to stick to more con­ven­tional chip shots. You set-up in the same way as you would for a stan­dard chip with the body open and a lit­tle bit of weight into the front foot – but then there are some changes needed for a flop shot... Open the face

Open the club­face, as you would do to hit a bunker shot – so put the club in your left hand and be­fore you add your right hand, open up the face.

Ball for­ward

Place the ball fur­ther for­ward – close to the inside heel of your front foot.

Hinge your wrists

Hinge the wrists in the back­swing and be pos­i­tive through im­pact as the body turns through to the left.

Slide the club un­der

The idea is to slide the club un­der the ball – but with­out ‘scoop­ing’. Your club­head is still mov­ing in a down­ward di­rec­tion, but you are try­ing to slide the ball un­der to get it to pop up steeply.

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