Hol­ing Out

What to do if your lag putting ever fails you


Even if you work hard on your lag putting, there are still times when you will face a three-footer for par. You might have chipped up to there, or splashed out of a bunker to that po­si­tion... or you might even have hit your ap­proach there. No mat­ter how you got to three, four or five feet away, you want to make the putt – you don’t need me to tell you how solid short putting ti­dies up a score­card. On a short putt, keep­ing the face square is your pri­mary fo­cus. Here is a drill to help you groove that into your sub­con­scious stroke. Here’s a great drill

Get a flag stick – or a bunker rake if you are on a prac­tice fa­cil­ity – and set it down in line with the right edge of the hole. Place four balls in a line, so that when you place your put­ter­head in be­hind it, it is half a cen­time­tre from the flag/rake. Fo­cus on keep­ing the put­ter’s face at right an­gles to the flag/rake – you are just push­ing the face to­wards the hole, keep­ing it square to the tar­get. An­other way of think­ing of it is keep­ing the align­ment aid on the back of your put­ter par­al­lel to the flag/rake. You could place a sec­ond flag/rake in on the other side of the ball if you want, but I find just one helps peo­ple im­prove their align­ment. Sim­ply fo­cus on keep­ing the put­ter at a right an­gle to the flag.

Align­ment aid + flag = suc­cess

Keep your put­ter head’s align­ment aid run­ning par­al­lel to the flag dur­ing the stroke and you keep the face square.

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