A work made of sin­gu­lar shapes spa­tially trans­pos­ing the vis­ual codes that cre­ate the watch’s ar­chi­tec­ture. A unique mo­tif, drawn out by the sub­tle play and su­per­po­si­tion of rings and squares, not only evokes the quad­ra­ture of the cir­cle but also tells the time in an au­da­cious man­ner. Aes­thet­ics that im­print a new graphic iden­tity upon Hublot’s iconic Big Bang, a brand­new, to­tally re­designed Big Bang, which sees its lines bev­elled, cut by the geo­met­ric ef­fect. The bezel of the Big Bang sees its round­ness shaped into a hexagon. These facets con­fer a three-di­men­sional ef­fect upon it. The matt black dial presents a wide black satin-fin­ish cir­cu­lar flange stamped with the hours. Avail­able in a run of 200 pieces, the 45-mm ti­ta­nium Big Bang Sang Bleu fol­lows the rhythm of the Unico man­u­fac­ture move­ment, which has been en­tirely re­mod­elled with­out a chrono­graph and re­designed in or­der to tell the time through three discs. As for the os­cil­lat­ing weight, its sil­hou­ette fea­tures the tri­an­gu­lar codes of the Sang Bleu logo. This model will ap­peal to all those who will not go as far as a real tat­too but can wear this unique model like an ephemeral tat­too on their wrist.

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