Yamaha Golf RMX 2018

Im­proved ve­loc­ity, tra­jec­tory and con­sis­tency com­plete new line-up


chal­lenges. The com­pany im­proved on all clubs, in­clud­ing driv­ers, fair­way woods, util­ity clubs and irons, to pro­vide un­prece­dented re­sults to golfers who con­stantly seek to im­prove.

RMX 218 Driver

The new 2018 RMX 218 driver fea­tures a Head Turn En­ergy De­sign that de­liv­ers more en­ergy by plac­ing the face far­ther from the shaft axis, which in­creases the en­ergy gen­er­ated by the club­head, thereby in­creas­ing kick ve­loc­ity and greater im­pact en­ergy.

Yamaha also de­vel­oped the Su­per Dual-powered Body II for the new driver, an im­proved ver­sion of the orig­i­nal Su­per Dual-powered Body with more slits in the sole to en­able the club­head to de­flect and store im­pact en­ergy more ef­fi­ciently. The greater amount of stored en­ergy is fully and in­stan­ta­neously re­leased, which pro­duces im­proved kick ve­loc­ity and flight dis­tance. In ad­di­tion, the Ul­ti­mate

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