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SIM­PLI­FIED WAY OF TAK­ING RE­LIEF: A new pro­ce­dure for tak­ing re­lief by drop­ping a ball in and play­ing it from a spe­cific re­lief area; re­laxed pro­ce­dures for drop­ping a ball, al­low­ing the ball to be dropped from just above the ground or any grow­ing thing or other ob­ject on the ground.

RE­LAXED PUTTING GREEN RULES: There will be no penalty if a ball played from the putting green hits an unat­tended flag­stick in the hole; play­ers may putt with­out hav­ing the flag­stick at­tended or re­moved. Play­ers may re­pair spike marks and other dam­age made by shoes, animal dam­age and other dam­age on the putting green and there is no penalty for merely touch­ing the line of putt.

RE­LAXED RULES FOR “PENALTY AR­EAS” (CUR­RENTLY CALLED “WA­TER HAZ­ARDS”): Red and yel­low-marked penalty ar­eas may cover ar­eas of desert, jun­gle, lava rock, etc., in ad­di­tion to ar­eas of wa­ter; ex­panded use of red penalty ar­eas where lat­eral re­lief is al­lowed; and there will be no penalty for mov­ing loose im­ped­i­ments or touch­ing the ground or wa­ter in a penalty area.

PACE-OF-PLAY SUP­PORT: Re­duced time for search­ing for a lost ball (from five min­utes to three); af­fir­ma­tive en­cour­age­ment of“ready golf”in stroke play; rec­om­mend­ing that play­ers take no more than 40 sec­onds to play a stroke and other changes in­tended to help with pace of play

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