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Chen Fei stands apart among main­land artists, po­si­tion­ing himself as an out­sider who flirts with Bei­jing’s sub­cul­tures, tat­too par­lours and punk mu­sic. The sym­bols of the fringe and high cul­ture, Western and Chi­nese, are equally fod­der for his jokes and cri­tique. Chen, 34, brings his sub­ver­sive ap­proach to Per­rotin Paris with Fine Art, a solo show run­ning un­til Oc­to­ber 7. In Nat­u­ral

His­tory, a woman dressed for club­bing or the gym stands in an idyl­lic field sur­rounded by ran­dom an­i­mals, in­clud­ing ar­madillo, squir­rels and pen­guins. In another do­mes­tic set­ting, Na­tional Con­di­tions, Chen de­picts a Chi­nese fam­ily in an apoc­ryphal 1960s Amer­i­can liv­ing room, father read­ing a news­pa­per, mother sip­ping tea as an African Amer­i­can child ap­proaches.

All the while, Chen’s bust looks on. per­

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