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GAS­TON- LOUIS VUIT­TON (1883–1970) be­longed to the third gen­er­a­tion of the legendary fam­ily of de­sign fame and was the grand­son of the founder of the Louis Vuit­ton brand. Vuit­ton be­gan col­lect­ing when he was a child and ac­cu­mu­lated hun­dreds of ob­jects dur­ing his lifetime. As well as build­ing a col­lec­tion of trunks, he amassed all sorts of things his rov­ing eye lit on: an­tique travel para­pher­na­lia, locks and es­cutcheons, tools, per­fume bot­tles, African masks, walk­ing canes, toys, books, ho­tel la­bels (usu­ally af­fixed to trunks), printed mono­grams and other ty­po­graph­i­cal rar­i­ties. To­gether, these items form a per­sonal trea­sure trove of cu­riosités in­dus­trielles, as Vuit­ton liked to call them.

Cab­i­net of Won­ders, The Gas­ton-Louis Vuit­ton Col­lec­tion, writ­ten by life­style au­thor Pa­trick Mau­riès and pub­lished by Thames & Hud­son, takes the reader on a priv­i­leged tour of the so­phis­ti­cate’s cab­i­net of cu­riosi­ties. The book is il­lus­trated with hun­dreds of spe­cially com­mis­sioned pho­tographs and will cap­ture the imag­i­na­tion of any­one in­spired by the bizarre and eclec­tic, along with am­a­teurs and afi­ciona­dos with an in­ter­est in the Art Deco era.

The book will be avail­able from Septem­ber 19.

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