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Massages in the mountains

You feel like you’re on top of the world at Tiger Mountain Lodge, several kilometres from Pokhara and many metres up. The entrance doorway frames Machhapuchhare Peak. Step onto the sunsoaked terrace, and you’ll find a skyline of soaring mountains. The freshest air and complete silence relax the body. But therapists take your calmness to the next level with mind-melting massages using Ayurvedic techniques and chakra healing. The pink glow of the peaks at sunset rounds out each day.


Tiger Mountain Lodge酒店位於波卡拉數公里以外的深山之中,令來客感覺猶如身處世界之巔。入口大門迎來神山魚尾峰的勝景,甫進陽光明媚的露天平台,你更會發現眼前是連綿的崇山峻嶺。無比清新的空氣和無垠的寧靜,讓你從內而外放鬆身體。治療師運用純熟的阿育吠陀手法和脈輪療法,提供令人身心酥軟的按摩服務,將你的靜謐平和之感提昇至更深層次。黃昏時分峰巒四周的粉紅晚霞,為每一天畫上完美句號。

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