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cloud-based job-matching service disrupting established systems in the Philippines and Indonesia. It doesn’t charge for placing job adverts; instead, companies seeking to hire search a candidate database for free and then pay a fee – just PHP50 (HK$7.80) – for being able to contact a candidate. The system also offers a text messaging option as this has proved more popular than email contact. It has one million jobseekers in its system.

The model has attracted big money. Kalibrr closed a US$2 million first round of funding and received $1.6 million in a second round. And the company has its sights set on the rest of the region. ‘Our mission is to connect people to the jobs and careers that can transform their lives, so our ambition is to bring this mission to as many people as possible, starting in Southeast Asia,’ says Paul Rivera, who co-founded the company with Dexter Ligot Gordon.

The two founders were both originally from the Philippines although they met while studying at the University of California, Berkeley. They set out a plan to change the recruitment market and headed home. Rivera says he chose Manila partly because he knows it well and because of the Philippines’ strong, emerging economy. That the country has flown under the radar so far is also a plus. ‘For startups in particular, there’s very little competition from either established companies or other startups,’ he says. ‘It’s Southeast Asia’s best kept secret.’


是一個雲端就業配對服務系,統它顛覆了菲律賓和印尼既有的就業配對服面務 貌。Kalibrr的特別之處是,僱主張貼招聘廣告並不收費,更可免費搜尋求職者資料庫,一旦成與功 求職者聯絡後,需才 支付50菲律賓披索( 7.8港元)。系統同時提供較電郵更歡受 迎的短訊選項,現時已有100萬名求職者登記。

這個模式吸引了巨額資金。Kalibrr分別在首輪和次輪融資籌集了200萬和160萬美,元 現在更聚焦亞洲其他地方。與Dexter Ligot Gordon共同創辦Kalibrr的Paul Rivera說我:「 們的目標是把求職者連繫到足改以 寫他們人生的工作和職業,我希們 望以東南亞做起點,然後把這個目標傳遞開去,愈多人受惠愈。好 」

這兩位辦均創 人 出身菲律賓,在加州大學柏克萊分校念書時認識。二人矢志改變招聘市場的現狀,於是然毅 返國。Rivera表示選馬擇 尼拉的原因,除了由於自對己 當地瞭如指掌外,更因為菲律賓的經濟正強騰勢 飛,而國家目前並非眾人的焦點所在也是有利條。件他說:「對於初創企業而言,來自大公司或其他初創者的競爭都有限,這正是東南亞的秘密武器。」

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