Crimetown is an epic true crime tale for the podcast age 《Crimetown》是播客年代的真實犯罪故事佳作

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In October 2014, the first episode of Serial launched. It was a podcast, a medium that – until then, anyway – had not gone mainstream. It was an instant hit, thanks to its gripping real-life subject matter. The 10-part series, released week by week, delved into a 1999 crime that happened in Baltimore, supported by accounts from the convicted killer and others involved. The investigation took on the suspense of a great radio serial, with viewers tuning in week after week to hear new clues that presenter Sarah Koenig had unearthed the previous week.

Produced by the team behind

This American Life, Serial was soon internationally recognised, becoming a sensation worldwide and the most downloaded show in the history of the format.

Ever since, many other crime podcasts have tried and failed to live up to Serial’s quality and appeal.

Until Crimetown, that is.

This new podcast is from Gimlet Media, a start-up podcast production company spearheaded by Alex Blumberg (see our interview with him on p36), another alumnus of This American Life. It focuses on the incredible history of Providence, in the US state of Rhode Island. Just as fiction show Homecoming reinvented the radio drama for the podcast era, Crimetown elevated the true crime documentary genre in the podcast world.

This programme is perfect for those who like gangster movies or political dramas. The creators, Marc Smerling and Zac Stuart-Pontier, who were behind the HBO documentary series The Jinx, intricately casts a complex web covering 40 years of Providence history with a large cast of characters such as The Ghost, the Patriarca crime family, the Bonded Vault heist gang and Buddy Cianci, the longestserving mayor of Providence despite his many transgressions.

As the producers say, ‘Providence is a special place and we are proud to tell its story.’ Listen to it onboard now, and prepare to be hooked.

In addition to our strong spoken word lineup, we’re also increasing our music selection this summer, with albums from Western artists including Ed Sheeran, Rihanna and Lady Gaga, as well as great Hong Kong musicians such as Hacken Lee, Sandy Lam, Aaron Kwok, Jacky Cheung and Beyond.

Guilty as charged Crimetown chronicles mob activity and corruption in the US city of Providence

罪有應得《Crimetown》講述美國Providence市的黑幫及貪污罪行 首集《Serial》於 2014 年10月,推出這是一個播客節目,當年這種媒體還不成氣候。由於節目題材改編自真真,人 事 引人入勝,推出後立即大受歡迎。節目共有10集,每星期播出一次,每集探討一宗1999 年發生於巴爾的的摩 罪案,內容根據被判刑的兇手及其他涉案者所講述的案情為基本,資料 以懸疑推理廣播劇的形式播出聽, 眾每星期熱烈聽追 主持Sarah Koenig 上周預的告 新線索發展。

《Serial》由廣播節目《This American Life》的幕後團隊製作,推出後馬上引起國際哄動,備受全球追捧為,成 歷來最多人下載的播客節目。

接著不少同類型的犯罪播客節目紛紛乘勢,推出 但無論質素與吸引力均遠遠不及《Serial》,直至《Crimetown》現出 。

這個新的播客節目由 Gimlet Media 製作,這家初創播客製作公司的老闆是 Alex Blumberg(請翻至第36頁閱的讀他 專訪) ,他出身自《This American Life》的班底。《Crimetown》少 美 國 羅 得 島 首 府Providence 市的不凡歷史為題材。如公果 司的創作劇《Homecoming》在播客時代為廣播劇帶來全新面貌,麼那 《Crimetown》則把紀罪案 實類型節目引入播客世界。

喜歡黑幫電影或政治劇的觀眾,必定也會喜歡這個節目。兩位編劇 Marc Smerling與 Zac Stuart-Pontier 曾參與創作 HBO 的紀錄片系列《The Jinx》,巧妙地鋪陳了Providence市40年來錯綜複雜的犯罪網絡,並由此帶出眾多不同的角色如 The Ghost、Patriarca 犯罪家族、Bonded Vault盜團竊集及Providence 的市長 Buddy Cianci(他曾有多次行為不當紀,錄 卻是該市任期最長的市長)等。

正 如《Crimetown》的 監製所言:「Providence 是個與別不同的,地方 我們能夠講述當中的,故事 實在非常自豪。」現在就於機上收聽說, 不定你也會被它吸引,欲罷不能。

除了引人入勝的廣播節目外,這個夏季我為們也 乘客提更供 方富的音樂精選,包括西方樂手 Ed Sheeran、Rihanna 及 Lady Gaga 等,少及香港流行歌手如李克勤、林憶蓮、郭富城、張學友及樂隊 Beyond 等。

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