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Paul is the co-founder and former editor of Time Out Hong Kong. He takes a look at the future of Asia’s original luxury resorts (p58).

‘It may not be the most spectacular journey, but I love the London to Glasgow train as it is always the last leg of the long trip home to see my family.’ Paul Time Out Hong Kong

What is your favourite train journey? 是《 》的共同創辦人及前任編輯。他窺探亞洲第一代奢華度假酒店的未來(第 頁)。「由倫敦至格拉斯哥的旅程景色並不特別壯觀,但我對這趟回家與家人重聚的最後路段尤其鍾情。」

車旅程? 58

你最喜歡的火 Melissa is a London-based art, culture and travel journalist. In this issue she writes about Paris’ latest food trends (p44).

‘I’ve always been enamoured of the Eurostar and how quickly it whisks you from loud, pungently smelling Gare du Nord to sleek St Pancras.’

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