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The Stock Exchange of Thailand will launch an online trading platform by the end of this year that’s just for startups. This new exchange is meant to help startups raise funds while making it easier for investors to own and let go of shares in these enterprises.

The platform, called Live, lets any startup registered in Thailand launch fundraising campaigns. Investors trade shares in a similar way to a typical stock exchange, with key differences. Live will not be under stock exchange regulations, so there’s more risk for investors, as the quality of the startups is unverified. Because of the risk involved, trading will initially be limited to institutional investors, venture capital funds and high-net-worth individuals. Share price and volume are worked out between startups and investors and can be discussed via an online chat system operated by Live.

Startups can list on the platform immediately after forming; part of the idea is to help new enterprises receive funding in the very early stages to improve their chances of success. 泰國證券交易所將於今年年底前推出專為初創企業而設的網上交易平台。這個新型交易所旨在協助初創企業募集資金,同時容許投資者更易於買賣初創企業的股票。



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