Cool spots in Kyungdae慶大的潮流熱點

SilkRoad - - TRAVEL TACTICS - 龍沼路10號這個護膚品牌以蘊含蝸牛原液的護膚品而聞名,亦售賣一系列化妝品。水營路35號這間女裝服飾店的款式琳瑯滿目,走青春休閒的路線。

ARTBOX 296 Suyeong-ro

Hit this two-storey branch of a retail chain that sells cute home accessories, stationery and toys.水營路296號這間兩層高的連鎖雜貨店售賣可愛家品、文具及玩具。

IT’S SKIN 10 Yongso-ro

This skincare brand specialises in products made with snail mucin and carries a range of makeup.

THE MING 35 Suyeong-ro

A women’s clothing shop with a great selection of youthful, casual styles.

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