7% The proportion of startups in Fukuoka, as a share of all companies. It’s the highest rate among 21 major Japanese cities, as compiled by Fukuoka City.根據福岡的資料,這是當地初創公司在所有企業中所佔的比率,在日本全國21個主要城市中排名最高。 12.3% The share of people between 25 and 34 who want to start a business, which is the highest among the 21 major Japanese cities, according to Japan’s Statistics Bureau.

日本總務省計統 局數據,顯示岡福25至34歲年齡層中有志創業的人口比例,同樣在日本全國21個主要城市中排名最高。 34.8% The growth rate of foreign residents living in Fukuoka City over five years, significantly higher than that of the whole country, at 11.7 percent. Source: Fukuoka Asian Urban Research Center.福岡市的外國僑民人口過去五年的增幅,冠絕日本全國的11.7%。資料來源:福洲岡亞 都市研究所

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