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Flower in Hometown酉田花開

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This homestay in Youtian village, redone by its architect owner, features a cafe and villa with Zen-like interiors, as well as five more bedrooms decorated by different colour themes.這間酉田村的民宿經過其建築師屋主親自復修之後,變成了一間咖啡室及室內裝潢充滿禪味的。別墅 五間增設的睡房分別以不同顏色為裝飾。主調

The Vine House蔦舍

+86 1815 7897878

Located on the ancient streets of Songyang town, amid numerous traditional shops. Tall windows and glass ceilings give guests wide views of a courtyard and starry skies.

它位於松陽老街,附近有多間老店,高聳寬大的窗戶和天花板,讓賓客享有廣闊的園庭 及星空景致。

Little Tea Girl小茶姑娘

+86 1891 8854232

Tea appreciation is a theme at this homestay. Located near the Damushan Scenic Area, it is set up with a tea-taking area on tatami mats and offers six guest rooms.


Papa’s Hostel爺爺家青年旅舍

+86 1835 8883585

This two-floor building in Pingtian village retains its original rammed-earth walls, while the space inside is now separated by semi-transparent dividers and filled with bunk beds for guests.旅舍有兩層高,位於平田村,保留了原本的夯土外牆,至於室內則以半透明的牆壁分隔,並放置雙層床供客人留。宿

Cloud Retreat 過雲山居

+86 0578 8801888

High up in the hills of Xikeng village, this refurbished guesthouse’s main attraction is the dramatic view of clouds rolling in, best enjoyed from the terrace outside each room.這間經復的修 旅舍位處西坑村山上,周遭不時翻起雲海,成為山居最馳名的勝景。每間房均設有露台,方便住客以最佳位置觀賞騰雲風景。

Pingtian Agricultural Centre平田農耕館

+86 1835 8883585

The refurbishment of several dilapidated buildings created a complex consisting of a rustic gallery space, a workshop, a garden and a guest room.原址由破多座 舊建築復修而成,現在設有一處樸實的藝術展覽空、間 一個工作室、一個花園及一間客房。

Songyang Damushan Tea House松陽大木山茶室

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Songyang county’s standout buildings aren’t limited to refurbishments. Feel total calm in this newly built structure in Damushan Scenic Area, featuring double-height windows facing a reservoir, skylights and shade from sycamore trees.

松陽縣出眾的物建築 並不囿於復修房子。大木山茶園景區內這座新建成的茶室同樣與眾不同。方層高的朝塘窗戶 向水 及梧,桐樹 並設有天窗採光。

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