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Yamanashi, just southwest of Tokyo, is at the foot of Mount Fuji, a location that has helped the area attract tourists from around the globe. The prefecture has a strong history of growing orchard fruit, and today it has evolved to become Japan’s premier wine- growing hub. This region is now home to 80 discerning winemakers who pay meticulous attention to detail. Varietals that shine in the area are koshu (white) and muscat bailey-A (red).

Top wine producer

Château Mercian (pictured below) is no doubt the best winemaker in the region, offering an internationally respected collection of super premium wines made from koshu, muscat bailey-A, sauvignon blanc, syrah and cabernet sauvignon. As indication of its quality and consistency, the winemaker was named winery of the year in 2016 by Asian Wine Review. chateaumercian.com

Where to stay

For a traditional, upscale experience, try Onsenji Yumedono ryokan. Its authentic architecture, calming gardens and private hot spring baths in each room provide the perfect retreat after a busy day sampling the area’s wines and cuisine. onsenji.com


山梨縣位於東京西南面,因盤踞富士山腳而吸引世界各地旅客到訪。此地擁有根深蒂固的水果種植歷史,現時更已發展成日日本的頂級釀酒葡萄種植樞紐,雲集80家別具慧眼而態度一絲不苟的釀酒廠。區內最著名的葡萄品種括甲白州 葡萄和貝利A麝香紅。葡萄


Château Mercian酒莊絕對是區內最優秀的釀酒廠(下圖) ,生並 產出一系列國際級頂葡萄酒,由甲州、貝利A麝香、相、長 思西拉子和赤霞珠等葡萄釀造而成。2016年,酒廠更獲亞洲品酒指南《Asian Wine Review》譽日年度最佳釀酒廠,揚表 其質素和堅持。chateaumercian.com


入住溫泉寺夢殿旅館,享受日本傳統高級住宿體驗。旅館建築古雅,園花 令人放鬆心情,各間客房均設有私人溫泉浴池,盡情享用梨山 葡萄酒和美食過後,在旅館寫意悠然的空間好好休息。onsenji.com

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